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1. What do you want to use PODS for?

Sorry we do not currently offer storage for your postcode. Please get in touch with us to discuss your quote further.

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2. How much space do you require?


Student Storage made Easy by PODS

  • Free collection and re-delivery
  • Summer storage deals
  • Insurance included for free
  • Your own lockable storage unit
  • Storage from just £12.50 per week

One PODS Vault

Size of a garden shed. Ideal for for decluttering. You\’ll be able to store a number of boxes and small furniture in one of these units.

One 12ft PODS Container

Our 12ft storage container is the size of a single garage and will hold the contents of an 1/2 bed apartment.

One 16ft PODS Container

Our 16ft storage container is the size of a large garage space. It\’ll typically hold the contents of a 2 bedroom house or 3 bedroom in some circumstances.

Two 16ft PODS Container\’s

2 x 16ft storage containers are the size of a large double garage and will typically hold the contents of a 3 to 4 bedroom house.

It seems like you need quite a lot of room. Contact us for a more bespoke quote. We have great offers on multiple units.


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3. How long do you need storage for?

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4. Your Details

Our 7ft storage units cannot be left onsite with you, so we\'ll deliver and load them for you!
10 x boxes 1 x 5m bubble 2 x tape 1 x marker
10 x Small Boxes 15 x General Boxes 7 x Medium Box es 4 x Large Boxes 50 Packing sheets 2 x Bubblewrap (50cm x 10m) 4 x Packing Tape 1 x Black Marker Pen
15 x Small Boxes 20 x General Boxes 10 x Medium Boxes 5 x Large Boxes 100 Packing sheets 4 x Bubblewrap (50cm x 10m) 5 x Packing Tape 1 x Black Marker Pen

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5. Your Quote

Thank you for your enquiry with PODS Moving and Storage.

Your quote is below, which is based on the information you have selected. We have a variety of services and solutions to help with your moving and storage needs.


Description Cost
Storage Cost x per week
Minimum 4 weeks
Transport Charge
(per touch)
Weekly Storage Price
(50% off for your first 8 weeks)
Loading Charge
Boxes & Packaging
All prices shown above include VAT

The prices quoted are a guide based on the information you have supplied, a member of the sales team will be in contact to discuss your quote/needs in more detail to ensure we have offered you the best service possible.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of the sales team feel free to call us on 0161 300 9712 or send us an email to

Kind regards,

The PODS Team


The small print…

The weekly storage price quoted above is based on our 50% OFF offer (4 weeks free). The minimum storage/hire period is 4 weeks. Prices will revert to our standard pricing after the initial 8 week storage period.

The transport quoted is per touch. Per touch means each time we move the container. If you have requested to use PODS for Moving House, that would be three (3) touches delivering the empty container(s) to your current home, moving it to your new home and collecting the empty container(s) when you have finished. The price is based on moving within a 10 mile radius of the original delivery address (your current property). The minimum hire period is 28 days (4 weeks) but you can use the service for a few days or weeks, you choose.

If you have chosen the Mobile Storage option, then this would be two (2) touches to bring you items into to storage with us. Onward charges out of storage will apply depending on the location. 

The only other additional charge would be for insurance. All goods stored in our warehouse have to be insured. We charge £1.25 per week, per £1000 value stored.

We require 12ft of width and 15ft of height to be able to deliver a container onto your driveway. If you do not have this space or do not have a driveway we do have alternative options.

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