PODZilla Transportation and Lift System

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Our PODS Delivery System

PODS containers are delivered and moved via our patented PODZilla detachable lift system. This amazing detached PODZilladelivery system allows transportation and placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations that hiab systems can’t match. With PODZilla, loaded containers can be easily re-positioned, to a different location at a job or project site – or moved to the next job.

PODZilla keeps the container level to minimise shifting of contents during delivery and transport. Containers can be moved empty of full with this unique lifting system. The PODZilla lift system is mounted onto a local PODS delivery truck that can carry any size PODS container, and is operated by local PODS drivers who are specially trained to operate the PODZilla system and protect the contents of your PODS containers…

PODZilla requires 12 feet of width in order to operate and deliver and collect our containers and 3 car lenghts for the PODZilla system and delivery truck.

PODS require a minimum area of 12m (length) x 3.8m (width) x 4.6m (height) to place a Container.

Once moved into place – our PODS containers fit in most standard parking bays.

Watch a video of a delivery in Manchester below.

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