Our PODS commercial storage solutions can be completely tailored to your needs, whether you need a small space or multiple containers delivering for on or off site storage.

Our commercial storage can be used for events, festivals, tools and equipment, furniture, clients items, emergencies, retail, seasonal storage and a whole host of other things.

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Commercial Storage From PODS

Growing businesses will always need moving and storage services to power their growth. That’s why at PODS we offer a range of commercial storage solutions.

We provide commercial storage for a wide variety of business sectors. Whether you’re an SME, a sole trader or global corporate, PODS’ commercial storage solutions offer flexible facilities that businesses can use to help them with their day-to-day operations.

A Commercial Partnership

We work in partnership with our clients. Over the years, we have built unrivalled knowledge of the removals and storage needs of a wide range of industry sectors. Businesses such as insurance, retail, engineering and construction. We have provided commercial storage and removals services to hundreds of businesses adding value as and when required. The PODS team use this experience to help your business get the very best in cost effective commercial storage products.

We have worked with some of the biggest brands the UK providing them with storage and removals services just when they need it.

Commercial Storage Your Way

At PODS, we offer a unique commercial storage solution that does not disrupt your business. You won’t need to transport your goods to a storage site.

The PODS team will deliver a PODS storage unit direct to your premises for you, or our team, to pack. There’s no need to hire vans or ferry your goods back and forth. Our approach will save you time, fuel and money.

Your PODS storage unit can stay on-site with you for as long as required

  • For additional storage, if things start to get cramped
  • To open up a new permanent or temporary work site
  • As a mobile warehouse to store tools and equipment safely and securely
  • To help you to move business premises
  • To move goods and stock between sites

If you need to get your items out of the way, we will be delighted to pick up your container for storage at our secure Manchester facilities.

Storage That Works For You

Whether you work in insurance, events, retail, engineering or IT, PODS commercial storage and removals systems are here to help.

If you need commercial storage call our dedicated team today on 0161 300 9712 and let us develop a solution that will perfectly meet your needs. You’ll see how your business will benefit from PODS’ unique approach and will change the way you use commercial storage for the long term.

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