Moving and Storage with PODS

The Best Moving And Storage Idea Ever.

PODS Moving and Storage are not like your average storage company. Our completely unique, secure PODS containers allow our customers easy loading, storage at home (or at our secure warehouse) and convenient delivery to a new location at any time. There really is no other moving and storage solution quite like PODS Moving and Storage.

1. We Deliver

Right to your door. Our patented PODZilla lift system can place a PODS container into the tightest of spaces. Our highly experienced team can get your container right where you need it, often on the busiest of city centre streets. Once your PODS container is in place you are free to load in your own time, without the pressure of a removals van outside waiting to leave.

2. You (Or We) Load

Once delivered, whether on a drive or on the road, your secure PODS container is then yours for as long you need. Just load at your convenience and store until you are ready for us to collect. All our PODS containers have a secure opaque polypropylene roof keeping your items out of sight but crucially allowing light in when loading. Plus all our PODS containers are insulated against cold and damp and so perfectly safe for your more delicate items such as soft furnishings.

Don’t want to load? No problem. We can deliver your PODS container and load all on the same day, with our expert packing team able to squeeze the most out of every available space.

3. We store

Perhaps you are moving home but haven’t found your new house yet? Or you need to get the house ready and don’t want your possessions there right away? PODS Moving and Storage have the answer. Once your PODS container is fully packed we can collect and take it to our secure Manchester storage centre. Here you have 24 hour access to your container while safe in the knowledge your possessions are being looked after while you concentrate on getting your new home ready.

4. We move

Ready to move in right away? No problem, once your PODS container is loaded we will collect and deliver it directly to your new location. And as with loading, you can keep the PODS container for as long as your require, simply unloading the items for each room as you have them ready. Just let us know how long you need your PODS container for and we will collect once you are done.
It is the unique patented PODS containers that make our moving and storage solution so convenient and flexible. For a free no obligation quote simply complete our short enquiry form (left) or call our friendly team on 0161 638 3610.


  • Convenience: PODS deliver an empty container to you.  We do all the driving.
  • Flexibility: Pack at your pace and use your container for as long as you want. 
  • Security & Safety: You lock your container and keep the only key. 
  • Affordable: Same affordable price for 1 day or 28. There are no hidden fees. 
  • Trustworthy: World leader in the portable moving and storage industry. 
  • Control: Everything is done on your schedule. 
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