Emergency Storage

Emergency Storage from PODS

Whatever you emergency you can rely on a rapid response from PODS.  If you have suffered some kind of fire, flooding or any other damage to your property we will deliver a storage container direct to your door so you can salvage you belongings.

We work closely with some of the largest insurance companies in the UK helping their policy holders with emergency storage when needed, at short notice.

  • Have you you been a victim of flooding or fire damage at your home or office?
  • Do you have a personal emergency and need urgent storage?
  • Do you need a fast and cost effective storage solution?

Then choose PODS! Our unique service combines both transport and storage into one simple box. You choose whether to keep the emergency storage container at the damaged property or to load it and have it stored in our secure storage centre. You’re in control every step of the way!


PODS Emergency Storage Solutions offer businesses and individuals a unique option if you require fast, emergency storage. We can deliver Storage_PODS_Building_work_and_Renovations_3one or more of our Portable Storage Containers direct to your location. Load all your possessions or equipment inside and you can then store on site (our containers have been tested in hurricane conditions even when partially filled so you know all your items are safe and dry) or we can collect and store it securely in our storage centre.

It’s quick, easy and efficient and we can supply 1 or multiple units depending on your needs.

Our sturdy, weather-resistant PODS containers offer protection for your belongings during flooding, fire or other unforeseen event. These times can cause a great deal of stress for you your business or your family. With years of experience, PODS is here to assist you during your emergency. We can provide emergency solutions to individuals and families as well as businesses that will help manage the stress of storing and moving during a difficult time.

Our containers are tested in 110 mph winds in the USA so you know your items are safe, dry and securely stored even in the most adverse weather conditions. You can keep on site just for a few weeks while you plan your next move or store on site or with us long term if you need longer renovations or a full rebuild.

We work with some of the biggest insurance companies in the World to provide a unique, fast and cost effective storage solution. Read our latest blog about our partnership with BELFOR Property Damage and Restoration.

We’re PODS and we’re here to help. We understand the complexities of home damage moving and storage like no one else. You have control of your belongings and the whole process. Everything is done on your schedule. And no one has access to your things but you.



  • Convenience: PODS deliver an empty container to you.  We do all the driving.
  • Flexibility: Pack at your pace and use your container for as long as you want. 
  • Security & Safety: You lock your container and keep the only key. 
  • Affordable: Same affordable price for 1 day or 28. There are no hidden fees. 
  • Trustworthy: World leader in the portable moving and storage industry. 
  • Control: Everything is done on your schedule. 
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