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A smarter way to move and store.

Everything you need to know about us! PODS is a franchise business and was started in the UK by Scott Cassidy, managing director of Swift Moving and Storage Limited. PODS originates from Florida, USA. The first PODS operation opened back in 1998 by Peter Warhurst who was looking to expand his family’s standard self storage business. He invented the PODS containers, as well as a hydraulic lift system which enables operators to easily deliver and transport the storage units. The lifting system was aptly named PODZILLA.

PODS have been making moving and storing more convenient and less stressful throughout the past two decades, making over two million deliveries worldwide and we currently have more than 45,000 containers in About Us truckoperation.

The UK operation runs out of a 30,000 sqft warehouse five minutes outside Manchester City Centre, which is where we store all of our storage containers. The warehouse has a 24 hour security guard with a full cctv system operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year. From our Manchester depot we deliver our storage containers all over the UK with our furthest trip so far being the Shetland Island.

If you would like to know more about the PODS business please feel to send us an email to info@ukpods.co.uk


About Us – So Why Choose PODS?

Convenience PODS deliver an empty container to you.  We do all the driving.
Flexibility PODS works around your schedule, allows you to pack at your own pace and use your container for as long as you want. Perfect for overcoming the unexpected.
Security &Safety You lock it and keep the only key. You won’t have to risk damage by moving your belongings multiple times. Our lift system is designed to keep your container level. Load at ground level, no ramps!
Affordable PODS is the same affordable price for 1 day or 28 and there are no hidden fees. Also, you get the convenience and flexibility of PODS at no extra charge!
Trustworthy PODS is the World leader in the portable moving and storage industry. We have locations throughout the USA, Canada, and Australia, and have made over 1 million deliveries.
Control With PODS, you have control of your belongings and the whole process. Everything is done on your schedule. And no one has access to your things but you.

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