5 Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Our top spring cleaning tips for the year ahead.

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Spring. The nights are drawing out, and our moods are improving, The outlook is getting sunnier. Spring flowers are emerging in the garden. They’re having a tentative look to see if it’s warm enough to cheer us with a bit of enlivening floral colour.

While the cold weather may still be with us, soon it’ll be Springtime. It’s the time of year when we shake out winter’s cobwebs and freshen up our homes. Give our havens a thorough, well-needed spruce up. That’s why it’s known as Spring cleaning. Funny that!

While this can seem like a chore, follow our Spring cleaning tips, and you’ll make light work of it. Soon your house will be spic and span. Ready to welcome the new season.


#1 The Right Stuff

One of the most important Spring cleaning tips is to get ‘battle ready’. Gather your cleaning kit. A bucket, dusters and cloths, polish, bleach and cleaning sprays. Finally, the heavy artillery of the cleaning arsenal, your vacuum cleaner complete with all its bits and bobs. If you have specialist kit such as a steam cleaner, get that ready too. Finally, it’s always advisable to wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit manky as you clean.

Everything present and correct? Right, let’s get Spring cleaning!


#2 Go Room By Room

It’s much easier if you clean one room at a time. Maybe do the whole house over a couple of weekends. Get your cleaning gear and pick a room. Start by opening the windows to let in the fresh air. Take a deep, enlivening breath and start cleaning.

Dust vigorously and give paintwork a good wipe down with a damp cloth. Make sure you move furniture to vacuum underneath. Vacuum the carpet edges using a crevice tool to remove accumulated muck and hair. Launder soft furnishings or deodorise with products like Febreze if it’s too bulky for the washer.

Don’t neglect the inaccessible nook and crannies. Get the stepladders out if that’s what’s required. Microfibre cloths are great for removing scuffs and marks from skirting boards.

Do it all with a song in your heart and plenty of elbow grease.


#3 Beautiful Bedrooms

Obviously, clean bedrooms as in Spring cleaning tip #2. To freshen mattresses, vacuum then sprinkle liberally with baking soda. Leave for a couple of hours to remove smells then vacuum again. Et viola, a fragrant place to get some kip.

Empty all your drawers and wardrobes and clean enthusiastically. Declutter the unworn clothes and miscellany that gathers in these hidden corners. Take it all to the charity shop for the benefit of others if you don’t want it anymore. Otherwise, call PODS and get it into storage.


#4 Bathrooms & Kitchens – Go For It!

So-called ‘wet areas’ need a more concentrated effort. First off, wear rubber gloves, as you’ll be using strong products to deal with these areas. Clean wall tiles with a bleach-based product. An old toothbrush will be useful for particularly grotty grout.

Bleach toilets and drains and mop the living daylights out of flooring. Polish the stainless steel until you can see your face. Work up a sweat cleaning shower enclosures and baths. If sealant rot has gone a little too far, refresh it with a product like Unibond Renew.

After that, all the other Spring cleaning tips apply. Dust cupboard tops and inners, empty drawers and don’t stop until you can eat off the surfaces. And that includes the bathroom!


#5 It’s Not Over Till It’s Over

Once you’ve done the rooms, you might think you’re finished. Wrong! There’s still the garage, shed, attic, cellar and outhouses. A proper Spring clean takes in all these areas. While they may not need to be as scrupulously clean as the house, these areas are always a mess and need sorting!

Get some storage boxes to neaten things up. Sweep the areas vigorously. Decide if you need all the stuff you find. If not, putting it into storage may be the answer.


Get To It, Put Our Spring Cleaning Tips Into Action!

We hope these tips have put a fire in your belly to Spring clean the heck out of your home. It’ll be hard work, but it’ll be worth the effort. And if you do need to store some of the stuff you find give the lovely PODS team a call on 0161 300 9712 or contact us using our contact form. We’ll give you a great quote to collect and store your items for as long as you’d like!

Right, it’s time to get Spring cleaning. Good luck!

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