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Your PODS storage container can stay at your location or be taken to a safe and secure PODS secure storage center until you need to access it.

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Useful Links

PODS Portable Self Storage

Load and Go with PODS

Our LOAD AND GO portable self storage service is perfect if you do not have enough space to keep the PODS storage container at your property. We will deliver your portable self storage unit to your address and the driver waits and helps you load there and then. You can still load exactly how you want, you simply lock the container with your own padlock and we will transport it to our self storage facility until you need it back or straight to your new property. We do all the driving so there is no need to hire a van.


How it works?


Portable Self Storage

Load and go is ideal for customers who don’t have room to keep the PODS container on their premises but still want all the benefits of using the PODS portable self storage service. Just load the PODS container there and then.



We move your PODS portable self storage container to your new location where it can be unloaded on the day or left with you to unload at your leisure, if you have space.



Self Storage

Store your PODS container in our secure Self Storage Centre, whether it’s for a few weeks or for a few years. Your items stay in the container for the duration, in the same place you put them.



If you have room at your new property we can leave the PODS portable self storage container with you to unload at your leisure. You can tailor the service to suit you.


You get all the benefits of the PODS service including

  • Loading the container your way
  • Just pay for the time it takes you to load
  • No van hire costs – the storage comes to you
  • Lock your PODS container at your house and keep the only key
  • No double handling of your belongings – loading and unloading multiple times
  • No multiple trips to and from a standard self storage facility in a hire van
  • No expensive security deposits to pay

No Room? No Problem, with PODS.

You can combine services dependent on the space you have at either property. Use our load and go service at  your first property if there is limited room or you have no driveway and if you have space to lower the PODS container at your new property use our self load PODS service so you can take your time to unload; Or vice versa. We can completely tailor the service to suit you. We also offer a full removal service as well.