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Logistics, outside the boxPODS is changing how businesses handle their storage and transportation needs. Contact us to find out how.

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    Retail Storage

    Expand your back room and reduce labour costs with flexible onsite and offsite storage and transportation capacity.

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    New Store Openings

    Whether it’s a store-in-a-container solution, or simple onsite storage of promotion and signage, PODS provides a clear competitive advantage.

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    Renovations and Refits

    PODS eliminates project steps and costs with transportation and storage of old and new fixtures and merchandise

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    Fixture, Furniture & Equipment

    PODS portable storage system is the perfect collection, installation, transportation, and warehousing solution

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    Construction Tools & Materials

    Contractors and building supply wholesalers agree that PODS containers are a better solution for loading, delivering, and storing

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    Office and Employee Relocations

    Whether you’re moving the entire company, or occasional employees, PODS provides the best moving and storage experience ever.

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    Event Storage Solutions

    PODS make it all easier, whether it’s vendor storage at the state fair, promotional storage at the 10K charity run, or a new product tour

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    Restoration and Disaster Response

    Reduce casualty claims costs and improve the efficiency of pack-outs and material salvage with both onsite and offsite storage.

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