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Schools Out! Top Tips For Packing For The University Break

For Summer! School’s out forever! Well perhaps not forever but as the Summer break approaches you’ll have lots of exciting plans for the sunnier months before your studies beckon and the Autumn term commences. Packing for the University break can be a pain, read our guide and take out some of the stress!


The Perfect Process for Packing Your PODS Container

Here’s a tongue twister for you: Paul from Prestwich is perfectly packing his PODS Container with plenty of possessions. See if you can say that ten times without making a mistake.  If you can then packing your PODS Container will be an absolute doddle. Even so, we thought it might be useful to give you some top tips to make using PODS a stress-free experience.  We like to call it the ‘3 Ps’ approach. (more…)

The Benefits of PODS When Carrying Out House Renovations

Below are just some of the possible problems you may come up against whilst you are undertaking building work or carrying out house renovations on your home. Getting dust all over your furniture even when covered with sheeting

  • Not having enough room to “swing a cat” as they say
  • Tripping over everything that’s in the way
  • Faraway journeys to distant lands (well storage facilities anyway) when you need to get something or store something else.

It would likely be just as frustrating for any builders or contractors that are undertaking the work as it could cause them delays if contents are having to be moved or shifted around from room to room.


BELFOR and PODS Working Together

PODS Secure Storage Containers

Here at PODS we’ve been working with the Global Disaster Recovery and Property Restoration Company, BELFOR helping them with various restoration projects across the UK thanks to our unique storage containers.

For those of you who don’t know them, BELFOR are the leading global restoration and repair company with more than 7,000 employees in 26 countries their services run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, restoring fire and water damaged properties of all sizes and scales.


PODS and “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust – Making lives easier

We’re happy to announce we were commissioned by “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust!

When it comes to running a housing association, there are many unique problems for which you need to find a solution. Knowing the perfect organisations to work with is something that any good housing association has to get right. For “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust, the solutions they needed for storage were hard to get in one place. After running through their needs with us and taking the decision to work with PODS Moving and Storage has opened up a whole new flexible solution for many unique problems.


PODS v Shipping Containers: Mercedes Benz

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently delivered three of our PODS Containers to Mercedes Benz to provide them with on-site storage! After looking at a shipping container option they soon decided that the dark, damp, ugly nature of shipping containers didn’t coincide with their state of the art dealership. After having a chat with the guys at Mercedes they decided PODS would provide the perfect solution!


Move over Santa!

As some of you may know, this Christmas we’re on a mission! Instead of our usual day to day tasks of removals and storage we’ve taken a leaf out of Santa’s book and decided to fill our PODS with some Christmas presents for a good cause, of course!


We’re joining forces with City West Housing!

We’re extremely excited to announce our latest business advance as we join forces with a local Manchester housing association, City West Housing Trust.

Over the last few months we’ve been working together on numerous storage and removal projects. After talking to one of their reps it became clear that our unique storage and removal service would be the perfect solution for them and their clients.


PODS Moving and Storage, now working with vInspired in Manchester

At PODS we are always looking to help local Manchester charities and when vInspired contacted us we were more than happy to help and tailor a moving and storage solution to suit their needs.


PODS Charity Work with Cash for Kids and 97.4 Rock FM

Cash for Kids would like to thank everyone at PODS – Moving and Storage for our donated storage PODS Container here @ Rock FM!